Mexico State of Mind

Mexico.FMNMexico LE BlogThe past few weeks I’ve been in a Mexico state of mind. My Instagram feed is one culprit for my current wanderlust. Scroll by scroll, it’s been one beautiful Mexican beach after another. Perfect little squares of white sandy beaches with warm turquoise water. Some accompanied with a token fruity cocktail, others with glamorous sunglasses and straw hats. None lack the best accessory of them all – glorious summer sunshine! The fact that Toronto has been sprinkled with snow and then glazed with -24 temperatures, certainly is the main driving force! So we are going to take advantage of Canada’s close proximity and head south! Riviera Mayan / Tulum to be a little more specific. While relaxation is top of the list (with token cocktail in hand!), myself and my hubby do like to explore the sights. The ruins, centoes and snorkelling with turtles are on the top of my list. So if anyone has been and can pass on some tips, I’d love to hear! Continue reading