Interior Inspiration – Patio / Balcony

Patio.Summer Use soft furnishings like throws and cushions to add warmth and style.

Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time for a little patio inspiration. There’s something about apartment living or even city living for that matter, that makes you appreciate the great outdoors. Be it hiking local Toronto trails and parks or sitting in a friend’s garden for a summer BBQ. I love any excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and summer weather. When we picked our apartment last October one major draw was the balcony / patio. Not that it’s huge by any means. But for downtown standards, it’s a decent size with a good view of the city.

Since we’ve been hibernating all winter,  we’re  eager to move outdoors now that summer is here. We’ve picked some of the key pieces – the BBQ, some flooring, patio furniture and an outdoor rug. But now it’s time to make the space feel more lived in, like home.The last few weeks I’ve been gathering photos on Pinterest, getting lot’s of ideas. Some of these patios prove that it really doesn’t matter the size of your space, it’s how you decorate and use it. Anybody else patio planning at the moment? I’d love to hear your tips… Continue reading

Interior Inspiration // Blue Chesterfield Sofa

Blue Chesterfield The Blue Chesterfield sofa – the ultimate in upholstered seating! Rich in colour and luxurious in feel. It appeals to all the senses. Yes, I can easily imagine myself draped across it on a lazy Sunday. Snuggled in with a faux fur throw and a marathon of movies for company…. Continue reading

Making a House a Home


I’m finally back after a little blogging hiatus. I wish I could tell you that I spent the last month soaking up the sun on an isolated desert island but in reality I have spent the last few months moving! Yes…months! After five years we have made the move from Canada back home to Ireland. “Back for Good“… as people keep asking me.Moving country is no easy feat, thankfully we have great family and friends who have put us up and helped us get back on our feet.

My project at the moment is our house, after five years away it’s in need of some TLC! I have been busy scouring the net for ideas and my Pinterest board continues to grow with images of bright white rooms, natural materials, mixed textures and bright colour pops and so operation transformation begins…it’s time to make this house a home!

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Interior Look Lust – Bright White & Mixed Textures

My current obsession and latest Look Lust post surprisingly doesn’t come from the wardrobe department, this time it’s interiors! I have become addicted to the Scandinavian style decor of bright whites and mixed textures of sheepskin and cow hide rugs, hard woods in mixed tones, industrial lighting and bold prints….dreamy! Continue reading

Operation Transformation – A Walk In Wardrobe

Image Via lifeinaventicup

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posting November has been a crazy month! I’m determined it’s all going to come together in December…yep thats tomorrow so the pressure is on! One of my little distractions this week has been the idea to overhaul the den in my apartment. At the moment it’s just a hideaway for all the things I’ve kept that really I should have dumped so the plan is to turn the space into a life long dream…my own walk in wardrobe!

Not an easy task seen as my apartment resembles a shoe box but I’m hopeful that a splash of paint, an over sized mirror and well organised built in storage units from the old faithful IKEA will do the trick! You can check out inspiration pics I have been gathering on Pinerest

If anyone has any suggestions or tips I would love to hear from you….


Splurge Vs Conserve

You may recall here my wish for my own little nook, somewhere I could happily blog & write away – Carry Bradshaw style! Well the time has come people & I am going to make my little dream a reality.

I found a little unused space to claim my own at the back of the apartment, although technically it is still part of our sitting room/come kitchen/come dining room……I think it makes it all the more Carrie authentic!

So this brings me on to my latest dilemma, to find a desk that is the perfect fit. I have been trawling through the internet like a woman possessed & I keep coming back to the Parsons office desk. I love everything about it, from it’s sleek clean look to the practicality of the storage drawers……

West Elm – Parsons Office Desk
Ikea – Micke Office Desk

On my last Splurge Vs Conserve – The Hunter boots debacle….I Splurged, so in an attempt to balance things out I think this time I should Conserve. My only peeve about the IKEA desk is the birch drawers – it’s not as streamlined as the Parsons however I could attempt a DIY job & spray paint them white to match.

What do you think folks……should I Splurge or should I be sensible & Conserve??