Overnight Chia Pudding // Berries

chia Pudding1Overnight chia pudding is my new go-to breakfast. I love this recipe, for two reasons. Firstly because it’s just so easy to make. I’m not a morning person, not matter how hard I try to change my habits, I always fall back into a rut of getting up, with just enough time to shower and get out the door. So a lot of the time I just up pick up some yogurt and granola concoction on the way to work. It’s all about organisation – they say. Easier said than done, says I!

Because this recipe only take a few mins to prepare and can be done the night before, it’s helped me change my bad habits and save some moola! I just need to make sure I get up a few mins earlier to eat my tasty breakfast at home!

The second reason, and really the most important is that this little pudding is bursting with health benefits. What the chia seed may lack in size, it compensates in nutritional value! Stocked full of goodness like antioxidants, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are fantastic source of energy. It’s a no-brainer really! With summer looming, now’s the perfect time to kick start healthy eating habits into gear. I’m looking forward to mixing this recipe up and trying some different additions. Continue reading

Recipe – Buttermilk Pancakes

Living in Canada I come across little things that differ from home all the time, pancakes are one of these such things. At home our pancakes are thin and flat more like a crepe really, and over here they are thick and fluffy with the addition of baking soda. Buttermilk pancakes were also new to me and I finally tried making them myself using this recipe a few weeks ago, simple to make and they make the perfect breakfast or pancake tuesday treat.

However as delicious as they were this Pancake Tuesday I’m going to stick with the old traditional recipe, you can catch (here) from my post 2yrs ago when I mixed up the days and had Pancake Thursday instead! Or you could try the Banana Pancakes I posted (here). Last but not least I also created a Pancake Pinterest board (here) incase you need some filling inspiration. Enjoy! Continue reading

Recipe – Christmas Pudding

While we won’t be home in Ireland this Christmas we are keeping the celebrations traditional, and preparations are already underway. For me Christmas is not complete without a Christmas Pudding for dessert and last weekend my husband made a batch following his Nans famous recipe (which you can catch below).

Some other traditions to keep if you decide to make it;

  1. Before you boil the pudding everyone in the house must give the mix a stir (you can see my stir below, my hubby doesn’t wear nail polish I promise!).
  2. When you serve the Pudding drizzle it with brandy and set a light for effect. (Just be careful who gets this job, we had an incident with a very heavy handed uncle and the Pudding was pretty much cremated!)
  3. Best of luck & keep me posted on the results! Continue reading

Breakfast Pizza

Brunch is without question my favourite meal of the day, although working the weekly eight to five means its reserved as a weekend treat, usually we nip out to one of our local restaurants but this weekend I decided to unleash my domestic goddess. As an egg addict once I clapped eyes on this breakfast pizza (Recipe) I was sold. I did make a few adjustments to mine using a pre-made base, if you make the dough yourself it needs to sit for a few hours and I was way too hungry (also I was feeling a tad hung-over so the easier the better!). And I used coriander/cilantro instead of chives a personal favourite of mine, thats the great thing about pizza just fire on any toppings you like…but trust me the eggs are amazing!

Heavenly Healthy Fish Pie

I’ve mentioned countless times that my boyfriend is the cook in our house so I thought I would finally share some of my favourite dishes he cooks. First up we have his Fish Pie or as I have now called it Heavenly Healthy Fish Pie and the name doesn’t lie it’s absolutely delicious and as it doesn’t have a creamy filling I like to think it’s healthy!

What you need (8 portions);
 sea salt & freshly ground black pepper,
 1kg potatoes,
 1 carrot,
 2 sticks of celery,
 block of Cheddar cheese,
 1 lemon,
 1/2 red chilli,
 a few pinches of parsley,
 600g of mixed fish
 (we used salmon & haddock fillets (remove skin),
 smoked  trout)
 150g king prawns, raw, peeled
 olive oil
 spinach, chopped
 ripe tomatoes, quartered

Shane portioned them individually, we ate two and froze six a handy trick for mid-week dinners, just pop it in the fridge the night before to defrost and reheat in the oven the next day. A gorgeous home-made meal in no time.

What to do;
 boil & mash your spuds (aka potatoes),
 grate chili pepper, cheese, carrot & celery into your oven dish.
 chop fish into chucks and squeeze in your lemon.
 add prawns, tomatoes, spinach and season with salt & pepper
 drizzle with olive oil and mush (my bf's words) it all together.
 cover with seasoned mash
 drizzle with oil
 cook for about 40 mins on 375 Fahrenheit

Needless to say I devoured it no time, cheers to Shane for keeping me well fed! Stay tuned for more recipes to come…