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Hair InspirationHair Inspiration

Advance warning – today’s Look Lust post is really hair inspiration in disguise. This season when it comes to our locks, it’s all about the BOB and the LOB. Yep, you heard me right! A LOB for anyone not familiar, is a Long Bob. Typically the hair just skims the shoulders, or thereabouts. Over the past few weeks I’ve been admiring the style from afar. Pinning inspiration to my Hair Styling board, and now I’m actually thinking of taking plunge and getting the chop.  Continue reading

Black On Black

Black on Black
Blazer – Zara (old similar here), T-Shirt – Club Monaco, Belt – H&M, Jeans – Stradivarius (similar here), Hi-Tops – TopShop (sold out similar here)

When my sister asked me to be a model for her final hair colour exam, I jumped at the chance! Helping a sister out and getting a free “Do” is pretty much the best good deed I can think of. My instructions for the day she presented her work was to wear black – no hard task for me. Continue reading

Beauty Review – Seanol Canada

“Natural”, “anti-oxdient” and “paraben free” are just some of the key words I look for when on the hunt for new beauty products. So when the lovely crew at Lotus Leaf Communications sent me some Seanol Canada samples I was excited to try and test. Seanol products are made from an extract of brown algae known as Ecklonia Cava – which is said to protect against the degradation of collagen, free radicals, skin damage and the breakdown of elastin and with my wedding looming god knows I can use all the help I can get to look fresh faced as I walk down the aisle! For the past few weeks I have been using the products and my favourites are…..drumroll please

The Deep Clean Cava Foam Cleanser – I have combination skin and so my T-Zone area (for anyone not familiar it’s your forehead and nose) is prone to problem pores, because of this I have always used foam cleansers as I find they deliver best results. The brownish colour of the cleanser was a little strange to start but after a quick reminder that its all natural I quickly moved on and it’s a good thing too! The cleanser leaves my face feeling squeaky clean which is a fantastic feeling after a long day of humidity and city smog. I also find that during the day my skin is less greasy and at $24 it’s a steal.

For anyone that knows the brand I don’t think it will be any surprise that The Petipore Cava Pores Cream is my absolute favourite product from the range! It’s light-wieght and non-greasy, again another must for my skin. The cream is priced at $49 but as I said you don’t need to use much. I use it sparingly, applying it just to my pore problem and discolouration areas and I have already seen great results, my skin looks brighter and tighter!

And I’m not the only one seeing the benefits, my boyfriend recently used some out of date suncream on his face causing some irritation especially across his nose. I suggested he use the cleanser and pore cream and with some gentle persuasion he gave it a whirl,  within a few days his skin was looking better than ever and the irritation has completely gone! Now the only problem for me is I have to share…I guess it’s good preparation for married life!

You can find out more information and buy the products on Seanol Canada.ca

Beauty Budget Star Buy…

The beauty market is flooded with millions of brands, products and not to mention countless promises! It can take years of exhausting tests and trials to find a star product and usually these come with a hefty price-tag! But there some beauty bargains hidden out there and I’m going to let you in on one of my tried and tested favourites….Drum-roll please…

It’s Sudocrem! Not exactly the most fancy but then again it was wasn’t developed for that purpose, in fact it was created back in 1931 in Dublin for nappy rash/diaper rash. The little pot soon became an Irish institution healing most irritants to the skin. I’m pretty sure there’s a pot sitting in every bathroom cabinet, medicine drawer or nappy bag across the country and such a success doesn’t stay under wraps for long, the Irish product now ships worldwide.

But don’t let the nappy/diaper rash put you off, this cream is king amongst spot/blemish creams, just dab a bit on before going to bed and I guarantee the next morning when you wake the redness and irritation will be dramatically reduced and after a few applications beidh sé imithe/it will be gone! For the bargain price tag I’m delighted to reveal it doesn’t deliver bargain results and it’s now available in a tube too…

Bi cúramach/ Be Careful – This miracle cream is a thick white colour so no wearing into work (yep I’ve done it! And keep out of kiddies reach many Irish child has plastered themselves or others in the cream which is tough to remove!) 

On Trial – La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Working on financial spreadsheets by day, blogging by night and braving the Canadian cold has all taken it’s toll on my peepers. So with my wedding looming I picked up The Eye Concentrate from Creme De La Mer while rushing through Dublin duty-free in an attempt to reduce and reverse the dark circles and areas of sun damage. The tiny pot makes a regular appearance on the top eye cream lists and beauty editor wish-list’s around the globe. So what make’s the concentrate so popular??

Well it’s fortified with three types of La Mer’s Miracle BrothTM – for anyone not familiar it was developed by aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber, during one of his routine experiments he suffered severe chemical burns to his face. Huber spent twelve years and 6,000 experiments in search of a treatment for the scars and so Creme De Le Mer was born. The Miracle BrothTM contains sea kelp, vitamins and minerals, sounds pretty much like any other cream on the market you may think, but the miracle lies in how these ingredients are distilled. La Mer promises the eye concentrate to significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles, while encouraging the eye area to look and feel healthy, supple and luminous and with it’s hefty price tag I’m hoping it stays true to it’s word! 

I have been using it for a few days now and so far so good, I absolutely love the applicator it’s cooling on the skin and allows the cream to gently glide on rather pulling or dragging. The cream is light, non greasy and once applied it absorbs immediately. I took some photo’s before so I can keep track of any changes over time – I was told that if used correctly the 15ml jar should last 6 months or more so stay tuned I’ll be checking back in next month with updated photo’s and hopefully fresh youthful eyes. 


To Fringe or not to Fringe?

Kelley Ash image via zac-fashion

When it comes mo gruaig (my hair) I like to keep it simple…my instructions when I do visit a hair dresser typically go like this – same cut, no colour, just a trim, above all else keep the length (I look them straight in the eye when I say that)! That’s right I’m one of those gals…desperately hanging on to every last millimeter! So it’s fair to say that its very rare for me to ever consider a change, until yesterday when I spotted the photo above of Kelley Ash…this girl makes me want a fringe! 

I’d love to hear your fringe stories, did you get one and never go forehead bare again? Or was it a disaster? My fear is how long would it take to grow out if I didn’t like it, with less than 10 months to the wedding perhaps now is not the best time to try?