Living Easy Chats With Anna Bance, Co-Founder of Girl Meets Dress

Anna Bance Girl Meets DressNext up on Living Easy Chats with is Anna Bance, co-founder of Girl Meets Dress. Girl Meets Dress is an online luxury dress rental service which allows women to hire a selection of designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of the cost price. I’m a huge fan of this concept.

We’ve all done it, spent a pretty penny on a dress for that special occasion with the greatest of intentions! Convincing yourself, that you’ll get so much wear out of it. The truth though. for special occasion’s you always want to wear something new. Girl Meets Dress sloves this problem. You essentially have access to the closet of your dreams and all at an affordable price tag! What’s not to love!

I caught up with Anna to hear all about the Girl Meets Dress journey, her favourite picks from the GMD closet and even some of her top tips for budding entrepreneurs…. Continue reading

Denim Days

Living Easy Style Personal StyleBack in my old stomping ground of Queen St West. It’s definitely one of my favourite streets in Toronto for whiling away a Saturday. Dotted with independent boutiques, quirky restaurants, cool little coffee spots and not forgetting the leafy green Trinity Bellwoods Park. On this particular Saturday the park was hosting a vintage market. We spent a fine hour or two browsing clothing racks, bargain bins and lot’s of unique industrial furniture finds. Continue reading

Interior Inspiration – Patio / Balcony

Patio.Summer Use soft furnishings like throws and cushions to add warmth and style.

Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time for a little patio inspiration. There’s something about apartment living or even city living for that matter, that makes you appreciate the great outdoors. Be it hiking local Toronto trails and parks or sitting in a friend’s garden for a summer BBQ. I love any excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and summer weather. When we picked our apartment last October one major draw was the balcony / patio. Not that it’s huge by any means. But for downtown standards, it’s a decent size with a good view of the city.

Since we’ve been hibernating all winter,  we’re  eager to move outdoors now that summer is here. We’ve picked some of the key pieces – the BBQ, some flooring, patio furniture and an outdoor rug. But now it’s time to make the space feel more lived in, like home.The last few weeks I’ve been gathering photos on Pinterest, getting lot’s of ideas. Some of these patios prove that it really doesn’t matter the size of your space, it’s how you decorate and use it. Anybody else patio planning at the moment? I’d love to hear your tips… Continue reading

Instagram Accounts To Follow – MARGARET ZHANG

Mar.Zhang@MARGARET_ZHANG on Instagram


It’s back to the land down under for the next instalment of Instagram accounts to follow. This time it’s the gorgeous Margaret Zhang. Margaret writes the blog Shine By Three. But don’t dare pigeonhole this lady with the title of Fashion Blogger. A creative extraordinaire, Margaret also adds photographer, law student, buyer and stylist to her bow. Most of her photos posted on her blog are taken by none other than herself, with her trusty tripod. Continue reading

Tuesdays with Morrie

Morrie Schwartz

I’ve just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. It’s one of those rare books that stops you in your tracks. Simple in its message, but powerful with its impact. A book so fitting for my 2015 intention – To Be Present, that I felt compelled to share it on my blog. Who knows, maybe you’ll see more book recommendations in the future. If that is the case, then I’m delighted to share Tuesdays with Morrie as my first. Continue reading

Overnight Chia Pudding // Berries

chia Pudding1Overnight chia pudding is my new go-to breakfast. I love this recipe, for two reasons. Firstly because it’s just so easy to make. I’m not a morning person, not matter how hard I try to change my habits, I always fall back into a rut of getting up, with just enough time to shower and get out the door. So a lot of the time I just up pick up some yogurt and granola concoction on the way to work. It’s all about organisation – they say. Easier said than done, says I!

Because this recipe only take a few mins to prepare and can be done the night before, it’s helped me change my bad habits and save some moola! I just need to make sure I get up a few mins earlier to eat my tasty breakfast at home!

The second reason, and really the most important is that this little pudding is bursting with health benefits. What the chia seed may lack in size, it compensates in nutritional value! Stocked full of goodness like antioxidants, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are fantastic source of energy. It’s a no-brainer really! With summer looming, now’s the perfect time to kick start healthy eating habits into gear. I’m looking forward to mixing this recipe up and trying some different additions. Continue reading